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29 January 2007: CMU Faux Mascot to be Put Down? (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

15 January 2007: Woodsy Owl Costumes Ordered Destroyed, Replaced with Cheaper, Big-Head Models (Dethroner)

10 January 2007: Rocky Raccoon Breaks into Arena to Steal Beer (Great Falls Tribune)

17 December 2006:Tennessee Titans' Adrian McPherson Sues over Mascot Rundown (The Smoking Gun)

16 October 2006: Penrith Panthers Rugby Mascot "Paws" Charged With Child Porn Possession (Daily Telegraph)

7 July 2006: Reedy Rip'It Charged with Molesting Fan (Sports Illustrated)

3 July 2006: Benny the Bull arrested at Taste of Chicago (Chicago Sun Times)

7 December 2005: Goleo VI Named Mascot for World Cup (

7 December 2005: Policeman to Harrass Motorists in Mascot Costume (Hua Hin Today)

11 November 2005: Five Friendlies named Mascots of 2008 Olympic Games (

24 October 2005: Mascots Working Overtime in Community (

10 June 2005: Mascot Hall of Fame to Open (Delaware Online)

12 May 2005: Mascot Designers' Products "Labour of Love" and "Mascot Talent Crucial to Success" (

27 February 2005: The 10 Worst Jobs in Sports (USA Today)

18 August 2004: Mascot Elections (from LA Times, requires login)

29 June 2004: Mom Whips Pizza at Chuck E. for Ignoring her Child (Acess North Georgia)

17 June 2004: Curly Top victimized in Utah yet Again (Deseret News)

20 January 2004: Chicago Bulls "Da Bull" unmasked pushing dope (UPI)

15 September 2003: Montreal Alouettes' Blitz disciplined for pecking out of order (

8 September 2003: Mississippi students rally against retirement of ol' Col. Reb (WTOK-TV)

11 July 2003: Pittsburgh Pirates' Randall Simon suspended for taking batting practice on life-sized Italian sausage (

14 May 2003: UMass keeps Minuteman mascot despite "gender, firearms, and ethnicity issues" (

1 April 2003: Emerald the Duck loses head against Utah Swoop mascot (Daily Emerald)

20 January 2003: Calgary Flames' Harvey the Hound has wagging tongue ripped out by opposing coach (